About us

Family business Klander d.o.o. boasts a 50-year tradition and is recognized as one of the leading specialists in the manufacture of rubber products. With the expertise and experience we have been setting quality standards in the rubber industry and are, by introducing the latest technological solutions, continuously improving our production and the capability to provide customized products for our clients.

The core activity of our company is the production of custom made rubber products which are also incorporated in a number of machines and tools, used by enterprises of various industrial branches. In addition to this, we also produce standardized products of medium-sized batches, such as rubber dampers, machinery shock mounts and rubber inserts.

Certified Quality

Providing products of highest quality is our primary concern and we are proud that our efforts have been and continue to be recognized by clients both in Slovenia and abroad. Among the companies that operate by the modern principles of ISO 9000, we have been assessed as a 100% successful and reliable supplier.

An important foundation of our company, in addition to the professional team with years of experience, is also a technologically perfected captive production, which enables the manufacture of custom-made products. We intend to upgrade this segment of our work in the future and perpetually strive to fulfill the mission of meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers.

Technically perfected products, a well-organized production and satisfied customers are the main goals among the strategic priorities of our company.

Our Vision

We wish to maintain our position as the leading company in the manufacture of rubber products, and as a reliable supplier, trusted by partners both at home and abroad. With clever and premeditated upgrading of the technological processes and by expanding the range of our offer, we intend to enhance our expansion into foreign markets, and to fortify the Klander brand as one of most recognized names in the industry.

With more than 50 years of tradition we have been renowned as one of most trusted and reliable specialists in production of standard and customized rubber products.

The clients’ wishes are our primary concern, which is why we always help our customers until the idea is fully realized in the finished products. We provide you with advice, assistance in selecting appropriate rubber compounds, and ultimately with the final product of your choice.

With continuous development of our manufacturing activities and with constant investment in new technology, we have established our own production, which enables us to produce all kinds of rubber products according to the specifications of our customers.

We create suitable tools in accordance with your plans and requirements, and arrange the production of both small and large batches of customized products.

Our company meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality standard. In 2014 we also received an AAA credit rating of excellence.

Our experts are always ready to assist you by offering advice, both regarding the selection of the optimal materials as well as with finding comprehensive solutions for the custom-made products.